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RNN DIGITAL: 3 Things we learned at Digital DNA

The Digital DNA conference took place last week at St. George’s Market, Belfast and what a conference it was! Fun and informative, this annual event brings together the best of the tech and digital world to host and deliver a series of talks and panel discussions about all things digital, tech and marketing.

Here are just three of the things we learned from three talks that took place over the 2 day conference:

1. Expect ‘voice search’ and ‘home assistants’ to feature more heavily in your daily life

The acceleration in the use of ‘voice search’ is quite recent. In late 2016, MindMeld published a study of U.S. smartphone users and their use of voice search/commands.
The study found that 60% of the smart phone users who used voice search, had started to do so within the previous 12 months, with 41% of the respondents having only begun using voice search in the previous 6 months leading up to the study.

Voice assistants, such as Siri and Cortana on smart devices, introduced and familiarised people with the idea of voice search, paving the way for digital and home assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Research conducted by U.S. company Activate predicts there will be 21.4 million smart speaker devices in use in the U.S. by 2020, with trends suggesting similar proportionate uptake in the EMEA market.

2. Twitter continues to grow

Every now and then you’ll hear a rumour that Twitter is dead, but according to recent usage statics, this is not the case. At a talk delivered by Senior Sales Manager for Twitter, Greg Owens, at the Digital DNA conference, he revealed that a focus on features developed around news, the ‘explore’ tab and the new live streaming capability, has led to an acceleration and a trend of upward growth in the number of Daily Active Users on the platform.

3. Forget reminders or smart calendars, the humble wall planner is making a comeback

According to Andi Jarvis, Senior Account Manager at The Tomorrow Lab, when it comes to delivering a marketing strategy, a campaign plan is essential and the humble wall planner is a tried and tested way of ensuring that your strategy/tactics deliver effectively as activities.

The presence of the calendar provides visibility and accountability, helping individuals to stay focused on tasks and action. Simple, but effective.

So, there you have it, just three of the many interesting things that we learned on our trip to Digital DNA 2017. If you haven’t been to this conference yet, mark it down for 2018. This is a great event for anyone who works in or is interested in technology, digital marketing, marketing and social media. Great venue, great speakers, great atmosphere!


RNN Communications attended the Digital DNA conference in Belfast