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RNN Comms: Why we're swiping left to tendering



Today, we’re all about tendering rather than tinder but there’s a similar philosophy, it’s all about choice. Whether we swipe left to decline or right to show interest, no-one forces businesses to tender.


Tendering isn’t a process that we’re overly keen on at RNN Comms, however we appreciate its merits for many sectors as a key component of the purchasing chain. Many businesses have been successfully built by winning tenders and it’s an instrumental pipeline for new business. However, in our experience here at RNN Comms, tendering hasn’t been a particular fruitful process, unlike when we meet potential clients face to face.


Why? Well, there’s a number of factors.


1. We’re extremely lucky in that the majority of our new business stems from referrals - 95% - so we rarely tender, and only when invited.

2. Tenders are mostly long-winded, eat into billable time (for no fee) and more often than not, the tendering companies don’t get the chance to actually meet with the commissioning party and truly understand the brief

3. Outside influences matter: Whether we want to believe this or not, in many cases, it’s just protocol, someone knows someone, the incumbent is the forerunner, there’s a race to the bottom in terms of costs and so on, and so on.


WHY is this important now: We have tendered recently. OK, so only twice in six months, however, in both instances, we chose to be involved as we truly believed that we could deliver superior campaigns. One was successful, one not so.


LEARNINGS: On one of the tenders, we chose to be involved in spite of gut instinct. On enquiring why we weren’t successful, the overriding factor was that it minimised risk to go with the incumbent, therefore regardless of how brilliant our ideas were, where we sat in terms of budget etc. we could never overcome the ‘better the devil you know’ factor. So why tender in the first place…protocol perhaps?


So, from now on, we’re swiping left to tenders and swiping right to chemistry sessions.


Getting to know a potential client, understanding their challenges and business goals and creating a communications strategy that delivers solutions is what we’re all about! For us, this is when we can really grow our business, and in our experience, this process delivers meaningful relationships with clients that are with RNN for the long-run.