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RNN Comms: To Influence or not to influence, that is the question!  



In PR & Comms, influencer marketing is THE buzz term! Influencer marketing is and has been everywhere for the last couple of years, and there are both agents and agencies now dedicated to solely facilitating influencer marketing.


Recently, there’s been a lot of talk centred around if the influencer bubble is about to burst, mainly driven by the inflated costs of some influencers, and the lack of reporting structures.

So is the bubble about to burst? No, we don’t believe so, but it may evolve!

Influencer marketing is not new. Sure, the term may be, but PR professionals have been trying to influence stakeholders and create brand advocates for years on behalf of our clients. Influencing behaviours is a fundamental part of brand building and although the platforms may be evolving, the goals stay the same.


Reporting: In terms of ROI and the lack of transparency within the industry, we believe that it’s up to us, and our clients, to build KPIs and reporting structures into all campaigns. It’s our clients’ campaigns so it’s over to the agency or marketing department to ensure that they create a campaign that delivers, and that this can be demonstrated via metrics.


Sectors: Fashion, beauty, interiors, travel and food / drink are all ‘influencer-friendly’ sectors where branded-content can easily deliver sell-out products. However, every industry has its own set of ‘influencers’. From sustainable technology to manufacturing, finding the right influencers and knowing their platforms is key.


Added value: Brand owners should recognise the added value that’s in addition to the reach that influencers deliver – rich content! Through the need to generate incredible, standout content, influencers are becoming increasingly skilled in graphics and video production – creating original imagery and videos – which is a further (and valuable) benefit that’s delivered for the media / placement fee.


Getting it right…the checklist!

- savvy planning
- matching your product / service with the right influencers
- managing the process
- delivering quantifiable results


A bad influence? We don’t think so!