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RNN Comms: The art of saying 'Thanks'.



 PR stands for public relations, and is often referred to as ‘the art of promoting and protecting an organisation, company or brand’s reputation’.


Recently, Riki was reflecting on RNN’s reputation based on a supplier pitch that we managed. The background is that we had a great idea, and like all good ideas, a business plan was generated. Included in this was a briefing for suppliers, in which we informed them that this was a competitive pitch, and that we required exact costings. On completion of the business plan, the idea (although still a great one) didn’t warrant the investment as the risks wouldn’t ultimately generate significant rewards.


As a PR company, where time is our most valued commodity, Riki understood the need to manage our communications to suppliers, and to ensure that they knew that we valued their contribution - even though the project wasn’t going ahead. An email thanking them for their time and explaining the rationale for the decision was issued by Riki, following up by a simple thank you gift that was sent to each of the suppliers. Each of whom was thrilled and thanked us for our honesty and appreciation of their time.


These are companies which we may do business with in the future, and their respect for RNN Comms and our reputation for integrity, trust and brilliance stands intact. All too often is the art of communications ignored. In the early days, we’ve lost count of the number of days that we worked to create PR plans and strategies for companies who were ‘100% committed’ - many of whom didn’t have the common courtesy to value our time.


A simple ‘thank you’ and explanation would have spoken volumes. So, here’s to the art of ‘thank you’ and valuing suppliers’ time and efforts. People do business with people whom they like, trust and respect, and we’re ‘all in’ for companies who reflect these values.