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RNN Comms: PROpportunity!

A hybrid phrase, coined by Riki, meaning to proactively seek out and take advantage of opportunities! PROpportunities are everywhere and have played starring roles in many memorable campaigns.

Some brands, such as Specsavers and Paddy Power, do this brilliantly. They’re proactively aware of news cycles and major events, and quickly create smart, cheeky or controversial messaging that piggy-backs on the main event.

Yes, having a flock of smart, savvy marketing experts on your team is incredibly beneficial, as these ‘spur of the moment’ responses are often planned – not always – but brands have systems in place whereby a sporting moment on a Sunday night can be developed into a kick-ass creative by a Monday morning.

Regardless of size, benefitting and taking advantage of PROpportunities is open all companies! In Dublin, we’ve just noticed a very cool window display by Ginkgo flowers, tapping into the national interest in the McGregor / Mayweather fight – this is very cool, and has attracted oodles of shares and comments on social. There’s lots of examples of this and it’s just a matter of getting the creative juices flowing, keeping your eyes open and tapping into the major events (and minor) that consumers are engaged with!

Remember….PROpportunities are everywhere!