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RNN Comms: Maximising Sponsorship



The last month has seen Team RNN travel thousands of miles across the country to numerous client events. Some of these events have been created by our clients, and others are part of ongoing sponsorships. Over the years, we’ve managed many sponsorships for brands – including award-winning sponsorships – but one question that we often get asked is: ‘Is it worth sponsoring an event for just one day?’

Here’s how and why sponsoring an event can help your business…if you do it right of course!


1. What’s your target audience…what are they passionate about, how can you connect with your audience and create a greater ‘hearts and minds’ connection with them?
- Sponsorship is an excellent channel by which to achieve the above but the number one thing is to ensure that the sponsorship property is relevant to your audience… does it culturally connect with your audience and align with your company’s values?


2. Agree to a two or three-year deal if applicable. Launching a new sponsorship takes a lot of effort. Brand recognition is always going to be lower on year 1 and once you’ve done all of the work, build on it for year two and reap the rewards of the initial efforts and investment.


3. Once you’ve agreed on a sponsorship – don’t just hand over your logo and a large cheque! It’s not about ONE NIGHT – it’s about building a CAMPAIGN!

- Make sure you understand what you’ll get for your investment, and create a structure that gives your sponsorship longevity, with milestones along the way


4. Take ownership of one aspect or create your own aspect…aim to ensure your brand is an integral part of the event! E.g. if you’re sponsoring a sports event, tie your brand into the Best Player / Athlete award. If it’s an awards campaign, take ownership of an award and drive this further with public voting, naming rights etc


5. Make the campaign work hard! Look at what assets your company already has e.g. customers, retail outlets, database, social media channels – and ensure the milestones are rolled out across all channels. Make the content relevant to your audience – why should they know this, what’s in it for them, how can they take part?


6. Amplify your message! It may seem obvious but connect with the sponsored body both on and offline. This is a very simple and effective way of growing both your partnership and audience. Jointly, you can roll out campaign messages, and the sponsorship body can drive traffic to your brand’s website / social media channels etc.


7. Track your results! What did this sponsorship set out to achieve, did the plan deliver on this, if not, how can we improve on year 2? etc.


8. Even for a long running sponsorship – an injection of energy is needed year-on-year. New initiatives and thinking will ensure that the sponsorship does not plateau.

And even when best-laid plans go astray, remember: “You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you react to things that are out of your control!”