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RNN Comms: How to get a pizza' the action!


What a brilliant campaign from Dominos…one of the best that we’ve heard of recently that connects the dots to truly drive sales.


It’s genius, and utilised the latest technology platforms, to drive consumer sentiment through nostalgia, with a built in consumer ‘call to action’.


Here’s how Dominos got a ‘pizza’ the action’ last weekend: Domino’s Pizza aired a live stream of Ferris Bueller's Day Off for free on Facebook Live on Sunday 11th June. It was the first of its National Movie Nights (in conjunction with EPIX*) and was in celebration of the anniversary of the film’s release on June 11, 1986 - how flipping cool!


During the live stream, customers were able to order from Dominos, availing of 20% off via a discount code, and incredibly, as more people tuned in to view the movie – on Dominos’ facebook page of course - the discount for consumers increased.


In addition, anyone who orders from Dominos between June 12 and 25, will receive a free 30-day trial of EPIX - an EPIX idea indeed!


One fly in the ointment could have been facebook’s policy on live streaming, but it’s been reported that the idea received a ‘waiver’ to stream a classic film.


This is just brilliant…it’s a new take on the movie night, when people often grab a pizza. It maximises the new functionality on facebook and allows for interaction between fans…plus the concept sparked a conversation that reached audiences on facebook and on to other social platforms.


*EPIX is a premium pay television network in the U.S.A.