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RNN Comms: Great Expectations -v- Managing Expectations



Recently, we read an extremely interesting piece from Colette Sexton, who’s a journalist with the Sunday Business Post, titled: 16 things every PR should know before contacting a journalist.


Thankfully, and I don’t want to seem too smug here, but @RNNComms we’re well aware of the 16 and they’re the rules we adhere to every day when dealing with a national paper…in fact, we were more shocked that seasoned PRs out there are attempting any of these!

It’s our job to know these but as clients, it’s not yours…and that’s why you’ve got us: communications professionals who give counsel based on knowledge, experience and results.

In pure PR terms, our job is craft and manage the information flow between companies and the media. Often we have to manage clients’ expectations as great expectations on ‘company news’ may not be aligned to the media agenda….and this is where the value of expert counsel comes into its own.


We thought that it would be interesting to share some of the points that Colette makes as it may go some way to explaining why we’re always banging on about the value of ‘quality visuals’ and the ‘newsworthiness’ of stories.


Here’s our top five from Colette’s article:


• Press releases: Don’t be overly enthusiastic by describing the “world-class company” or the “market-changing product” – we’re just going to delete that rubbish.

• Picture perfect: Photos are important. We have no problem dropping a story if you don’t deliver on the promised visuals.

• Newsworthiness: Existing is not news. Having a founder who has a great personality is not news. Also I don’t care if you won the “company that most cares about puppies” at the Global No one Has Ever Heard of These Awards Awards. Awards are not news. Unless you won a Nobel Prize. Even then, it’s unlikely you can get me a new line on it by the time Sunday rolls around.

• Copy approval: More and more often we are getting requests to look at the article before it is printed. This is against our policy and will not happen. Don’t even ask.

• Questions in advance: Likewise, we’re not going to send the questions in advance. It makes the interview stilted and that will not reflect well on you, us, or your client.

To read the article, click here: https://www.businesspost.ie/opinion/16-pointers-every-pr-read-contacting-journalist-366081?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=article&utm_medium=web