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RNN Comms: Getting Connected…the power of networking


For every client and company, the % allocation of the marketing pot is very much dependent on the type of business / target consumer that’s on the company’s radar.


For mass marketing, above the line options and social are often ‘in vogue’, however for a growing B-2-B business, like RNN Comms, we need to be more selective in terms of our choices. For RNN, networking has been a key component of our marketing mix since the agency was founded.


From networking with fellow start-up businesses, to joining more established networking bodies, we’ve tried them all. The results have been varied but here’s a few takeaways:


• Find the network that’s right for your business. For us, smaller, less formal networks with CEO / MDs level attendees deliver the best conversion


• You get out what you put in - be visible in your group, make an effort to attend regularly, build relationships and prepare for networking events


• Network conversions take time. Dependent on your services, new business is unlikely to be forthcoming overnight. From our experience, it takes at least three months to see your     efforts come to fruition


• Change is good. A network that was right for your business two years ago, may now not fit your company vision. Take the tough decisions and make the change



• Online networks - remember ‘The Social Network’ ….a movie about facebook’s journey? From a B-2-B POV, the social network of choice is Linked In. It gives you the option to build a   global network that’s aligned to your future company vision.


  • And lastly – networking takes time – both off and online.


The biggest lesson for us is that we ‘win’ when we invest in networking. A cup of coffee can often deliver ££££s two /three years down the line. People want to do business with people whom they like so broaden your network, learn from peers, increase your referral rate and deliver leads. That’s why being ‘connected’ should be a priority for all.