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RNN Comms: It’s in the Genes: Marmite – love it or hate it!

A brand that is renowned for its brave approach to its marketing, Marmite, launched a new campaign over the summer, which is simply awesome! (much respect for the creators at the brilliant Adam & Eve/DDB Agency in London). Playing on its ‘Love it or Hate it’ narrative, The Marmite Gene Project has conducted research which found that people are born genetically pre-disposed to have a taste preference for Marmite.


In a bid to encourage more consumers to try Marmite, the company has invested over £3m in the campaign which includes consumer DNA kits and a bespoke app which will use facial recognition to detect enjoyment levels when tasting Marmite. This is genius…heck, we’ve even tried the taste test online, and our Marmite Gene test kit is en route!


By playing on the love/hate narrative that Marmite is intrinsically associated with, and challenging consumers to investigate if they have the ‘love’ or ‘hate’ Marmite gene, backed up by an intelligent app, this campaign is truly engaging. We’re predicting that even more consumers than ever before will engage with the Marmite brand; shoppers, such as us, who wouldn’t necessarily have the brand on our radar but now do! Love it or hate it….we LOVE The Marmite Gene Project!