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RNN GREEN: After many years of hype and false starts...


After many years of hype and false starts, the shift to clean power has begun to accelerate at a pace that has taken many by surprise, and as 2017 draws to a close, we look at the big development's key to propelling the sector forward.

Companies ‘Going Green’ - Wind and solar parks are being built at unprecedented rates to keep up with demand from multinational companies opting to ‘go green’ – take Microsoft as an example – in October 2017, they struck a deal to buy all their electricity from a new wind farm in Ireland, driving the demand for renewable energy.




Electric Vehicles - Tesla’s story this year was full of twists and turns, risk and excitement.  Some believe Elon Musk goes too far in his dreams, and that the steps he is taking to build a new-age EV, solar and energy storage provider will bring down one of the most promising companies of the 21st century.  That said, his supporters are not backing away – nor are we #Teslafans.  However, 2017 has also been the year of new, up and coming competitors and we believe that competition in the market will make innovations happen faster and that the end product (EVs) will cost less when there is more than one strong player on the market.  Think of how fast smartphone innovations have gone for the past few years. 

** Fun Fact – did you know Manhattan has more Tesla charging spots than petrol stations?


Sustainable Aviation -  The need to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation is clear and some of the big industry players are beginning to act. Earlier this month Airbus, Rolls Royce and Siemens teamed up to develop a hybrid-electric plane which the group hopes will be ready to fly in 2020.  This follows Virgin Atlantic who is trialling a ‘game changing’ alcohol-to-jet fuel and last year Alaska Airlines operated the first commercial jet powered by forest biomass.

And lastly, one that I find most intriguing …One of Europe’s largest airlines, Easyjet, recently announced plans to deliver electric-powered airplanes within the next decade! #Electricjet  


Whilst none of this means the problem of climate change has been solved, or that fossil fuels will vanish in the near future, the emerging energy transition is starting to gather speed and we look forward to seeing the developments made in the renewables sector by this time next year.