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Communicating Responsibly a #RBWeek post from RNN Comms

The business issue:

Creating a socially and environmentally responsible communications agency.

What RNN Communications did:


Team: RNN team’s health and wellbeing was of the utmost importance to the agency. RNN recognised its responsibility in ensuring that the 24/7 nature of digital communications is managed and that every team member is entitled to and encouraged to ‘log off’. Other team initiatives include early closing on a Friday, a health plan for every employee, flexible working and that important appointments e.g. doctor / dentists, do not come out of annual leave. “Annual leave is for fun, relaxation and recharging, and we’re protective of it!” Environment: RNN Comms has a specific division that handles work in the renewables sector - @RNNGreen The team is passionate about #greenliving and through its eco office, work, its communications and office policies, RNN Comms is playing a small part in creating a more sustainable future. The company was commended at the 2015 Action Renewables Awards for Best Energy Saving SME. Community: The agency regularly supports charity initiatives and new business start-ups through the ‘RNN crowding-funding’ pot. RNN Comms has been sponsoring Felix - a guide dog in training –for a number of years and regularly offers pro-bono services to charities. Impacts • RNN Comms created a responsible PR & Communications business - in terms of its work, people and ethos • Being responsible to the team, clients and environment is a key value of RNN Comms and one which the agency embodies. “We’re proud to be part of a new breed of socially-conscious communications agencies that really value and deliver on our responsibilities - to our team, our profession and to the environment.”


Riki Neill, Founder | Director, RNN Communications www.RNNCommunications.com @RNNComms | @RNNGreen | @RNNDigital