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24 hours with a French intern...as realised by Natalie Brown

(resident intern at RNN Comms)



Start of the day, Riki asks me to read an article of the magazine that she set on my desk…so I read the whole magazine 



Listening to the radio, I'm wondering how long it will be until they put on the song that has been playing on repeat for the last two weeks 



Six minutes later, the song is played. AGAIN.



Ooh someone has added us on snapchat :) That reminds me, I've got to find some content!



Snaps uploaded already to RNNComms…not too shabby.

Oh no…I am called into the Director’s office…Am I in trouble? Nope, Riki just wants to know if I have found a dress for RNN Communications’ next event and I'm glad to say that I have, but I still need to get shoes



Back to the drawing board with the video I’ve been working on. Zut alors…more changes required, but fingers crossed this will be the final draft.



It took some time, but the video is (eventually) finished. Hopefully everyone is happy with the end product.



It's noodle time! OK, so it's not the healthiest option, but hey, it's fast and tastes good.



Riki is off out to a meeting, always chatting, but never late for a meeting. What a great skill!


16 :00:              

The song that’s always playing is playing once more. I still don't understand the lyrics and I’m hoping that at some point, they’ll give it up and play something else.



Time to call it a day. Au revoir team RNN, until tomorrow… :)




Resident intern at RNN Comms, Natalie Brown, who has come from France to experience the world of PR in Belfast, Dublin & Northern Ireland.